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Welcome to the Pet Health Council website

The Pet Health Council is here to promote, inform and advise on the health and welfare of pet animals in the interests of both pets and people.

We have the latest news and research regarding pet issues, the benefits of pet ownership.

National Pet Month

The Pet Health Council supports National Pet Month who also promote the benefits of pet ownership More information

Pet Health Matters Bulletins

PHC produce tri-annual bulletins on topical is sues. Is your pet happy? Read our latest release to find out how to read signs that you pet is happy and healthy - What Makes Pets Happy Bulletin              More

Pet Nutrition

You are what you eat – and the same goes for pets. Good nutrition is a key element to ensuring a happy, healthy pet. Owners must remember that they have a duty of care to provide their pet with a suitable diet. View our Pet Nutrition information.

Who Are We?

Pet Health Council is an independant body made up of 10 dedicated Associate Organisations from all aspects of the pet world. For information about them visit our
About Us page

Change 4 Life

The Pet Health Council supports the Department of Health's initiative, Change 4 Life. It is important that you and your pet eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly in order to live long healthy lives together.
More info


Want to know how you can get fit with your dog? Check out our Petsercise programme. The carefully designed fitnessroutines will help you and your dog exercise safely and successfully together. Download the booklet for free today!

Need a Spokesperson?

If you require a spokesperson on pet and human health matters Contact Us